🖐️🎤 Mic Drop Emoji: Leave Everyone Speechless with Your Verses

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Modified: सितम्बर 23, 2021

In truth, you can only get the Mic Drop emoji by combining the 🖐️ Hand with Fingers Splayed emoji and the 🎤 Microphone emoji. Some people also add the ⬇️ Down Arrow emoji before or after the microphone icon for more emphasis. People came up with the emoji combination with the mic drop gesture in mind. You can do it in real life by dropping your microphone after succeeding in a speech, debate, or performance. People also compare it to flaunting your win during a competitive event.

The gesture gained fame thanks to several known celebrities and personalities. Former US President Barack Obama dropped his microphone during an appearance on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.” He further popularized the Mic Drop meme following his speech at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner in April 2016. South Korean boy group BTS further also garnered fame for the gesture after releasing their song “Mic Drop” in 2017. Thanks to these events, the mic drop combination meme soared the ranks of several social media platforms.

When you think of Mic Drop-worthy moments, rap battles, or casual debates usually comes to mind, right? We automatically associate those competitive events where candidates may find the opportunity to “drop the mic.” Because of this, you may also encounter online arguments ending with the mic drop emoji combination. Thanks to its famous symbolism, do you think an official mic drop emoji is needed in the future? We’ll let you decide as you read on.


Mic Drop Emoji: Meaning, History, and Trend in Pop Culture

Hand with Fingers Splayed Emoji, Mic Drop EmojiMicrophone Emoji, Mic Emoji

The act of dropping the mic usually signifies the end of a speech, debate, or conversation. Naturally, adding the 🖐️🎤 Mic Drop emoji signifies the end of a certain topic between messages. When it comes to social media posts, the combination either symbolizes a trend or an outstanding opinion. Some people add it when they discuss unpopular opinions that need to be pointed out. Examples of these topics include parenting, schooling, and workplace ethics.

At first, the mic drop gesture circulated in competitions between rappers or comedians on open mic nights. It gained more popularity when known personalities dropped the microphone after concluding statements. Some of the most popular instances include Former US President Barack Obama doing it on two separate occasions. Almost every social media platform used the 🖐️🎤 Mic Drop emoji combination following #ObamaOut.

Mic Drop Emoji

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In 2017, popular K-pop group BTS released their mini-album Love Yourself: Her with the title track “Mic Drop” or “MIC Drop.” Band leader RM stated that he and his members composed the song with Obama’s Mic Drop moments in mind. BTS also collaborated with renowned DJ Steve Aoki, garnering a larger following in the American music industry. The band then released the song in both Hangul and English, garnering more fame for the emoji combination.


Seeing the Mic Drop Emoji Combination On Different Platforms

As mentioned, you need to combine a few icons to achieve the mic drop emoji. The commonly used combination we see online contains the 🖐️ Hand with Fingers Splayed emoji and the 🎤 Microphone emoji. Aside from the ⬇️ Down Arrow emoji, some people add the 👊 Oncoming Fist emoji for added effect. For its overall design, the main emojis used in the combination display similar features on almost all platforms.

Microphone emoji on different platforms

Across platforms, the 🖐️🎤 Mic Drop emoji looks similar from afar. They only have minor differences in details but look the same at a distance. Meanwhile, almost all microphone emojis display microphones tilted to the right side. However, each platform crafted unique details that can be since if you look very closely.

The mic drop emoji combination from Apple features the most detailed set. Despite the hand’s lack of lines, the microphone’s design offers a more realistic look. Like Apple’s version, Samsung, Google, and Facebook designed their microphone emoji with simple details of a hand-held microphone. However, other platforms such as Twitter added more details like a wire and musical notes.


Combining the Microphone Emoji, the Hands with Fingers Splayed Emoji, and More

Mic Drop Emoji Illustration

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To this day, the mic drop emoji combination continues to rank high across several social media platforms. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, almost every person turned to the internet and social media platforms for interaction. Because of this, more people used mic drop emoji set to end arguments or debates.

If you wish to use the come up with your own Mic Drop post, you must not limit yourself. Yes, most people use this mic drop emoji combination but you can use the whole keyboard to your advantage. Leave your followers speechless with the elaborate combinations we came up with for the mic drop icons. We compiled a few examples for you to use or get inspiration from below:

– 🖐️⬇️🎤

– 🚶🎤🖐️

– 👊⬇️🎤

– 😏🖐️🎤

– 👊⬇️🎤✋

– 🙋‍♀️🎤

– 💁‍♀️⬇️🎤

– 🖐️🎤🤭


Google Mic Drop April Fools Prank Gone Wrong

Minion Mic Drop Meme

Image from Imgflip Meme Generator

On April 1, 2016, Google released an entertaining feature to celebrate April Fool’s Day. Unfortunately, the seemingly harmless prank backfired and sparked outrage among Google Mail or Gmail users. The platform named the prank “Gmail Mic Drop” and Google users can send it by using a limited-edition send button. Once used, recipients of the email received a gif animation featuring a crowned minion from “Despicable Me” dropping a microphone. Staying true to the gesture, the prank also automatically keeps recipients from replying to the senders. This depicts the way we associate the Mic Drop gesture with getting the last word.

Within hours of the prank’s launch, Gmail account owners expressed their horror and disdain about the unnoticeable Mic Drop feature. Several users also shared their unfortunate experiences in online forums. There, people who used Gmail for work ranted about being reprimanded or losing their jobs after unknowingly attaching the prank to their emails. The growing stack of complaints and outrage urged Google to dismiss the temporary Mic Drop button hours before its intended end. Despite the anger it caused, some Gmail users also enjoyed the short-lived prank. No matter which side you were on, the 🖐️🎤 Mic Drop emoji combination trended online for positive and negative reasons.


The Diversity Behind the 🖐️ Hand with Fingers Splayed Emoji

Dark Skin Tone Hand with Fingers Splayed Emoji, Mic Drop EmojiMicrophone Emoji, Mic Emoji

All 🖐️ Hand with Fingers Splayed emojis showcase an open right hand. It also offers five skin tone options like most hand icons available on emoji keyboards. As more people stand for equality, more netizens use other skin tones when posting about the 🖐️🎤 Mic Drop emoji. With this, Mic Drop moment posts sometimes emit a serious aura when the creator uses certain skin tones. Among the available options, the 🖐🏿 Dark Skin Tone Hand with Fingers Splayed emoji is commonly used aside from the default yellow color.

As mentioned, one of the most iconic Mic Drop moments includes the conclusion of a speech by Barack Obama. That White House Correspondents’ Dinner in 2016 fueled the media for days due to the memorable and controversial speeches. Celebrity guest Larry Wilmore sparked debate when he ended his speech by calling the former president “my nigga.” However, people commonly remember the prestigious dinner by posting the 🖐🏿🎤 Mic Drop emoji combination to recall #ObamaOut.


Barack Obama Drops the Mic… For the Last Time

Obama Mic Drop Meme

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Earlier, we discussed one of Barack Obama’s most iconic “dropping the mic” moments. Because of its impact, a lot of people bring back the 🖐🏿🎤 Mic Drop emoji combination as top posts. Furthermore, people can’t help but reminisce about Obama’s last speech at the White House correspondents’ dinner. Who can blame them? Not a lot of people anticipated the rise of the Trump Administration. Almost every White House correspondents’ dinner that followed paled to the symbolic #ObamaOut speech. Additionally, Donald Trump refused to attend the prestigious dinner during his term as 45th president of the United States. Due to his determination of staying away from the annual event, Trump received a lot of backlash as the 🖐🏿🎤 Mic Drop emoji combination trends on social media.

Before the well-known “Obama Out” moment, several comedians liked to impersonate the former US President. The beloved duo Key & Peele wrote and performed comedic sketches featuring hilarious and symbolic Mic Drop moments. Their depictions were well received and became one of the highlights from Comedy Central. During the 2015 White House correspondent’s dinner, attendants and viewers instantly expressed their excitement when Keegan Michael-Key joined Obama on the podium. The comedian served as the former president’s “anger translator” and added a hilarious flair to the speech. Later on, the 🖐🏿🎤 Mic Drop emoji combination ranked once more when Obama “dropped the mic” during his appearance in “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.”


BTS Clapped Back Against Haters with MIC Drop

BTS MIC Drop, Mic Drop Song

Image from HYBE Labels on YouTube

As mentioned, South Korean K-pop BTS soared high in music charts when they released their song “MIC Drop.” They composed the song to respond to the hate they received as artists. Their fandom, ARMY, kickstarted the trend of adding the 👏 Clapping Hands emoji after the 🖐️🎤 Mic Drop emoji combination. The group continued to stay on the trending terms following the release of Steve Aoki’s remix of “MIC Drop.” Plus, the English version of the song further proved BTS’s determination in fighting back against hate comments. Despite its strong beat, the lyrics of MIC Drop highlight the achievements of the beloved K-pop group. They also added their responses to the hateful comments they received following their growing success.

Due to the group’s rising fame, several music videos by BTS garnered more than a billion views on YouTube. Despite the protocols of the COVID-19 pandemic, the increase of people following joining BTS’s ARMY does not seem to waver. Undoubtedly, one of the group’s most successful music videos includes the “MIC Drop” release. When it reached its 1 billion views mark, the South Korean group’s fans easily brought back the trend of the mic drop emoji.


Concluding Things by Dropping the Mic

Drop the Mic

Image from Adobe Stock

Several people online wait for the day the mic drop emoji becomes available across all platforms. In the meantime, those who love to get the last word in conversations use the 🖐️🎤 Mic Drop emoji combination. Due to its details, most wonder how developers can come up with a single emoji for the mic drop gesture. We can only speculate or rely on illustrations of what the official Mic Drop icon would look like.

After learning the gesture’s background, ending online conversations or arguments with the Mic Drop icons feels exhilarating. It’s not every day you can get the last word and leave someone speechless. Once an official Mic Drop emoji becomes available, it’ll be a lot easier for frequent users of the icon combination. Whenever the release may be, fans of “dropping the mic” will be thrilled if that day comes.