🍑 Peach Emoji: Discover the Suggestive Meaning of the Sumptuous and Juicy Fruit

Written by: Kaira
Modified: अगस्त 12, 2021

One of the most suggestive icons to grace our smartphones is the 🍑 Peach emoji. Due to its overall look, the sumptuous fruit became famous as the butt emoji. Aside from the well-known 🍆 Eggplant emoji, the plump peach continues to be one of the most widely used emojis on several social media platforms. It somehow became a symbol of the Anti-Trump movement in the USA. In 2021, the fruit also quickly rose to fame after Justin Bieber released his song, “Peaches.”

With that said, we understand why people online automatically interpret messages with the fruit as sensual or flirty. However, you must keep in mind that some people use the animated peach to only talk about the sumptuous fruit. When asked to describe peaches, people can’t help but come up with seemingly provocative adjectives. In truth, we don’t blame them. Peaches bring out words that are lewd yet appropriate at the same time.

Peaches showcase a distinct cleft feature in real life. Because of this, its animated design makes sense despite its indecent alternative meaning. Additionally, the fruit is known for offering juicy and luscious tastes in fresh or canned form. This makes peaches one of the most preferred fruits in desserts or savory dishes. Its various uses throughout the years make it one of the most popular fruits all over the world. Read on and learn what makes the commonly used emoji significant across all platforms.


Peach Emoji: Meaning and Background

peach emoji

The 🍑 Peach emoji made its way to our emoji keyboards in 2015. Like most fruit emojis, it was included in Unicode 6.0 in 2010. Most platforms opted for the orange shade of the peach in their selection. The usual design also depicts the iconic cleft seen in almost all types of peach. Its overall animated look also made it known as the butt emoji.

The trees where peaches grow come from the rose family, Rosaceae. These juicy fruits develop differently depending on your location in the world. Peaches from Asian countries like China, Japan, or Korea cultivate sweet peaches with low acidity. Elsewhere, European and North American countries grow peaches with yellow or orange flesh with more acidic or sour flavors.

As you can see, the famous emoji represents the sumptuous peach. We usually buy it fresh or canned in groceries or local markets. However, the peaches commonly sold in the USA are mostly nectarines. They both belong to the same species of fruit hence their similar features. However, the difference between peaches and nectarines lie in their outer layer. Nectarines do not develop peach fuzz like normal peaches. To this day, experts still can’t point out the exact history of nectarines. Meanwhile, peaches natively develop in the region between Northwest China and Tarim Basin.


Peach Emoji on Different Platforms

peach emoji on different platforms

The famous peach emoji always appears with its iconic cleft across platforms. Developers stuck to the peach shade when they designed the icon. Common peaches develop a fuzzy outer layer while nectarines feature smooth skin. Because of this, all animated peaches closely resemble white nectarines than regular peaches.

Most available peach icons feature one or two leaves attached to the top of the fruit. Samsung’s and Google’s depiction of the animated peach both feature heart-shaped bodies. Both platforms also show the iconic cleft close to the middle. Twitter’s version of the supple fruit appears more like a doodle compared to that of other platforms.

Apple changed its design of the iconic peach emoji. However, the company’s developers eventually gave in to the public’s demands. With this, the original design of the butt emoji returns to iPhones. Apple’s old peach icon now closely resembles Facebook’s rendition of the famous fruit.


More Than Just a Few Types of Peaches

different types of peaches

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Almost all types of peaches feature the butt shape we know of. It’s as if every type of peach represents a type of butt. Despite this, people who love food and desserts only care about the distinct flavor of peaches in dishes. We usually come across peaches in groceries all year round thanks to its delicious canned versions. However, we strongly suggest you try out the unique flavors of different types of peaches available in the summer.

Various peaches and nectarines stack the fruit sections of stores during the summer. This stems from the fact that they develop in the cold temperature of the winter. The freshest peaches in US groceries are the yellow peaches. Its yellow-orange inner flesh brings out a juicy acidic taste. This makes this variant the best jams or jellies for pastries or bread.

White peaches naturally grow in several countries in Asia. This variant offers a sweeter and less-acidic taste compared to yellow peaches. Their outer layers stand out with their pale pink tone. Due to its soft flesh, white peaches are better eaten raw or grilled.

Aside from the beloved yellow and white variants, donut peaches recently rose to popularity in the USA. True to its name the donut variant of the famous fruit comes in a flat and round shape that resembles the favorite pastry. Despite this, this type of peach still features the distinct cleft found in other variations.


See How the Juicy Peach Became the Butt Emoji

peach resembling the peach emoji

Image from Pixabay

If someone asks you about the butt emoji, you automatically think of the plump peach icon. As we mentioned earlier, most types of peaches feature the distinct cleft we find on people’s butts. But, did you ever wonder how the appearance of these sumptuous fruits came to be?

Experts claim that peaches developed a unique plant tissue called the meristem during growth. As the peach progresses, the meristematic tissue wraps around the seed. The fruit then continues to collect water and expand its shape. However, the seed’s meristematic tissue leaves a sort of seam around the peach. Because of this, the fruit’s iconic butt shape forms and stays until the last stage of development.


Why the Peach Looks Like Someone’s Ass and Tits

Butt Peach

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Earlier, we discussed how the famous cleft formed on the peach’s body. Due to these overall features, some claim the peach icon resembles a woman’s cleavage. Because of this, horny netizens sometimes prefer the peach icon to the 🍒 Cherry emoji to refer to breasts.

Despite the ongoing debate, people still widely use the animated peach to talk about butts. Sometimes, using emojis helps keep censors away in social media platforms or forums. As a result, naughty or horny people on social media use their creativity when using emojis to talks about provocative topics.


Peach, Eggplant, and other Sexual Emojis

Peach and other Suggestive Emojis

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The small peach icon belongs to the roster of sexually suggestive emojis across platforms. It’s well above the top list of preferred icons for sexting. Like the eggplant emoji, the animated peach symbolizes more than just the famous fruits. Its features in illustrations and real-life look like a person’s plump bottom. Aside from the peach, here are other emojis associated with suggestive or sexual meanings:

🍆 Eggplant – Penis

🥒 Cucumber – Ridged or veiny penis

🍌 Banana – Circumcized penis

🌮 Taco – Vagina

🐱 Cat Face – Vagina

🍑 Peach – Plump butt

🥞 Pancakes – Flat butt

🥜 Peanuts – A man’s nuts

🧠 Brain – Oral sex

👅 Tongue – Oral stimulation

🌽 Corn – Pornography

🍒 Cherries – Breaks or nipples

🍜 Steaming Bowl – Nude pictures


Sext With the Peach or the Moon Emoji?

lady holding a bright moon

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Aside from the commonly used peach, people pick the 🌕 Full Moon emoji to converse about butts. The icon may not resemble a person’s backside but, people use it to refer to the term “mooning.” Its definition describes a person indecently exposing his or her naked butt in public.

Compared to the iconic butt-shaped fruits, the animated full moon does not look like someone’s actual naked bottom. Because of this, people who want to be subtle use the moon instead of the peach. You can use either emoji as long as you make your context clear.


Non-sensual Uses of the Juicy Fruit

Peach Emoji Icons

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Despite being known as the butt emoji, the peach features other uses in the world. Its non-sensual meaning simply falls on the fact it’s a fruit. You can use the animated icon to talk about meals or desserts with peaches.

Unknown to most people, peaches belong to the same fruit family. Experts also call them stone fruits due to the edible seeds housed inside. Other plant members in the family include plums, apricots, cherries, and almonds. Some of these can also be found in emoji keyboards on several platforms.

When consuming peaches, you don’t have to feel guilty about their sweet and luscious flavor. Your blood sugar may rise but, each bite is packed with antioxidants. Along with other beneficial vitamins and minerals, the delicious fruit promotes a healthier heart in your system. Additionally, the acidity levels of all types of peaches develop better digestion for your stomach.

Using the Butt Emoji for Exercise

woman doing butt exercises

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As the butt emoji, the peach can signify the drive to work out and develop a firm and plump bottom. They’re usually meant to be provocative but, they can also be used to motivate gym buffs. In hopes of developing the “dream bod,” you must include butt exercises in your regimen.

If you love working out in the gym, you can easily add several butt exercises to your usual routine. Use different types of weights to practice exercises like the Step Up or the Barbell Hip Thrust. Simple floor exercises include the Quadruped Hip Extension and the Barre Kickback Pulse.

Those who like to exercise at home have the option of jump or lunge exercises for firmer butts. You can use small weights for the Single-leg deadlift and the Walking Lunge. You can also incorporate resistance bands if you don’t like weights. If you don’t have the equipment, you can stick to classic or jumping squats.

How the Fruit Symbolized ImPEACHment as the Anti-Trump Emoji

humanity against trump

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In 2019, several netizens jumped in on the trend of using the peach icon to call for Former U.S President Trump’s impeachment. The sudden trend of peach emoji surpassed the common usage of the beloved eggplant emoji. Using the “peach” in “impeachment,” protestors used the famous emoji to stress the importance of kicking the US leader out of office. Even a New York Times column in 2019 dubbed the inquiry “Impeaching the Peach One.”

Several social media platforms were filled with posts that started, ended, or contained “🍑 the 🍊.” The peach symbolized impeachment while the orange represented the former republican US president. To attract more attention, stores and restaurants added peach juice to their menus and racks to show support to the movement. Illustrator Nick Lacke designed a combination of the peach and orange emoji that resembled the 45th president of the United States. He also used the offensive image to sell pins and stickers to fellow Anti-Trump supporters.

Adding a Sultry Vibe to Your Texts or Posts

cute peaches

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Looking back, it’s amazing to learn how a simple peach can be so much more than just a fruit. Its appearance, shape, and taste bring out different meanings depending on a person’s message. You can use it to talk about the fruit or someone’s butt. Plus, it can also symbolize an inside joke or a very powerful resistance.

At the end of the day, it’s up to you to decide how you use the animated peach in your messages. You can spice up your texts with your special someone or just talk about your favorite dessert with friends. With the abundance of emojis across platforms, you can easily pair up or compose a set of icons with the peach icon. Here are some combinations you can try out on your next post or message:

​🍑​🍌​🥛​🧊​ – Peach and banana smoothie

​🍑​🧃​ – Peach juice

​🍑​🥫​ – Canned peaches

​🍑​🍑🥛 – Peaches and cream

👅🍑🤯 – Mind-blowing oral stimulation

🍑💋 – Ass kisser or Suck-up

🍑📞 – Booty call

🍆🍑 – Anal penetration

🔥🍑 – Hot ass

🍑🏋️ – Butt exercise