The 🙏 Praying Hands Emoji And Other Symbols To Rise Above 🙅‍♀️ Online Negativity

Written by: Ortega
Modified: मई 30, 2022

Going into 2020, we all knew how we wanted this year to go.

“Got that 2020 vision was December’s catchphrase, so we expected the year to begin with a bang. Well, we’re off to a bumpy start. Tensions between US and Iran, the spread of the coronavirus, the tragic death of basketball star Kobe Bryant — it felt like an entire year quickly passed.

Despite all that has happened, even if you feel the world has hit rock bottom, it is not the end. We need to have hope and share hope, and one way to do that is through emojis. Emojis are a powerful engagement tool, and by sharing something as simple as a Praying Hands emoji, you are giving encouragement to people.


Praying Hands Emoji

Praying Hands emoji, Praying Hands, Folded Hands emoji, Folded Hands

The 🙏 Praying Hands emoji or Folded Hands emoji is one of the most powerful symbols online. This emoji shows two hands in a praying position.

Meaning Of The Praying Hands Emoji

So, what makes the 🙏 Praying Hands emoji so powerful? The strength of the emoji lies in its meaning. In Japan, the praying hands position also means “thank you.” And, as we all know, gratefulness is a powerful tool to combat negativity. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the bad things happening around us, but it’s also important to remember the good things we have going on.

While positive thinking won’t automatically change your situation, having a mindset of gratefulness will keep us focused on the positive things in our lives. Avoiding negative thoughts and moving away from negative emotions is hard. But that’s the only way we can attract good things into our lives. Like attracts like. Have you ever thought about someone you don’t want to see then you suddenly see them? There you go!

Another Meaning Of The Praying Hands Emoji

Another meaning of the 🙏 Praying Hands emoji is to not think of them as folded or praying at all. If you look at it from another angle, it seems like the two hands are high-fiving! High-fives are celebratory or congratulatory gestures between two persons done by slapping the other’s raised hand. In times like these, it’s so important to give hope and encouragement to others, and by using the 🙏 Praying Hands emoji, you are doing exactly that.

How To Use The Praying Hands Emoji

The most basic use of the Praying Hands emoji is to show comfort and care. For example, if one of your friends is nervous about a job interview, the Praying Hands emoji is to show you are thinking and praying for them. If you prefer to use the emoji as a high-five gesture, you can use the emoji to say, “Congrats!” or to show you are in agreement with a group activity.

For example, if someone said, “I got a promotion at work!” you can reply with the Praying Hands emoji. Another example would be after an online meeting to prepare for a big work presentation, if someone says, “We can do this, guys!” you can reply with the Praying Hands emoji to high-five what he or she said.

Let’s look at the other emojis you can use to bring positivity back into online content.


Hundred Points Emoji

Hundred Points, Hundred Points emoji, 100, 100 emoji

Originating from the number 100 written on an exam to show a perfect score of 100 out of 100, the 💯 Hundred Points emoji is used to express acceptance of an idea.

Meaning Of The Hundred Points Emoji

If someone expresses an opinion and you agree with it, put the 💯 Hundred Points emoji!

How To Use The Hundred Points Emoji

If you want to say a person, thing, or event is perfect in your eyes, the 💯 Hundred Points emoji is a great way to say it! For example, if someone performed your favorite song and you love it, get the 💯 Hundred Points emoji out there and show some love! Or if someone shares an idea and you totally agree with it, post that 100 emoji to show you think the idea is dope!


Raising Hands Emoji

Raising Hands, Praising Hands, Praising Hands emoji, Raising Hands emoji

The 🙌 Praise Hands emoji or 🙌 Raising Hands emoji is an image of two raised hands, palms up, with lines above them, implying motion.

Meaning Of The Raising Hands Emoji

The 🙌 Raising Hands emoji is used to show joy, happiness, or pride. Like the 🙏 Praying Hands emoji, in some countries, the 🙌 Raising Hands emoji is a spiritual gesture; the lifting of hands is an act of praise and worship to God. Another meaning of the 🙌 Raising Hands emoji shows a very different interpretation.

In this interpretation, the two hands look like they are framing a photograph or a potential movie scene — think of that stereotypical gesture done by photographers or film directors.  You know what we are talking about! The good news is, like the first two definitions, the third definition also has a positive connotation because, when you put your hands in that position, you are suggesting that something is so beautiful that it must be captured in a frame.

How To Use The Praise Hands Emoji

An example of this would be if you’ve been praying for something and your prayers were answered, and you want to celebrate, use the 🙌 Raising Hands emoji! Or if you chance upon a piece of scenery and you like it so much you want to be a photographer and capture it in your heart, use the 🙌 Raising Hands emoji to express that sentiment.


Clapping Hands Emoji

Clapping Hands, Clapping Hands emoji, Applause, Applause emoji

Emojis express all emotions; they can be funny, but they can also empower. A perfect example of this is the 👏 Clapping Hands emoji. The emoji shows two hands facing each other, with small rays above it, making the hands look like they are clapping.

Meaning Of The Clapping Hands Emoji

Similar in meaning to the 🙏 Praying Hands emoji, the 🙌 Raising Hands emoji, and the 💯 Hundred Points emoji, the 👏 Clapping Hands emoji is used to show appreciation of someone’s achievement or talent. In other words, it’s used the same way you would use it in real life.

How To Use The Clapping Hands Emoji

What are the situations that made you clap? If you like a concert you watched, you give it a standing ovation. In the same way, in your online life, if you saw a post you liked, put a 👏 Clapping Hands emoji to show your support and appreciation.


Hugging Face Emoji

Hugging Face, Hugging Face emoji, Hug smiley

Never underestimate the power of a hug. Hugs are so powerful, even online ones! A simple act of affection, like a hug, goes a long way in keeping your relationship happy and healthy. That being said, post and share the 🤗 Hugging Face emoji anytime and anywhere you want! Hugging Face emojis are adorable to look at, too. We can never have enough of that yellow, smiling face with rosy cheeks and open hands.

Meaning Of The Hugging Face Emoji

The 🤗 Hugging Face emoji is used to show comfort, compassion, and gratitude. With all the negative news in the world, we need all the hugs we can get! If you want to tell a person, “I am here for you,” post that 🤗 Hugging Face emoji! Or if you want to tell a friend, “I appreciate I love you, and I want to give you some love,” a Hugging Face emoji will do that for you.


Other Ways To Show Positivity

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Emojis are a great way to show your positive feelings on a variety of levels. You can use them when you’re excited, happy, thankful, etc. But if you really want to create a better online world, you must learn to use emojis in the right way, with the appropriate accompanying text. Remember, if you are really adamant about spreading positivity, you must be teachable, too. Change starts with you, not other people, you.

Positivity On Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat- all these social media sites are platforms that connect diverse communities. And when we say diverse communities, you better believe there are people with different beliefs and different value systems. If you come across someone you don’t agree with, are you rude, sarcastic, and violent? Or do you hear what they have to say?

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It can be tempting to just lash out, but at the end of the day, does it really help anyone?  If you find yourself in that situation- no judging, we’ve all been there—here are some questions you can ask yourself before you post a reply to a person online:

  • Am I listening to what the other person has to say?
  • Are my opinions unemotional and balanced?
  • Have I tried putting myself in the other person’s shoes?
  • Would I be proud to say those comments to the person or group face-to-face?
  • If I belittle this person, will it help me get my point across?

Now, all this advice doesn’t mean we need not be tough when the situation calls for it. We can be tough but loving. We can share our opinions respectfully. It’s difficult, but it will make us better people. Isn’t that something we all want?

Positive Posts Influence People

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Positive social media posts result in greater online interactions.

Based on an article in, in 2013, Facebook ran a study on positive and negative posts. The social media app analyzed 3 million posts from users’ news feeds and used linguistic software to determine whether an update was positive or negative.

Facebook found that positive posts influence people to post positive updates and negative posts influence people to post negative updates. The social media app found that an absence of emotion on their News Feed influenced users to post less.

In a connected study, Dan Zarella, a social media scientist from HubSpot, said that those with higher followers on Twitter have a lower percentage of negative tweets than those with a lower follower count.

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We’ve all heard of the power of positive thinking.

But what many of us haven’t realized is the power those positive thoughts have on many aspects of our daily lives. Positive thoughts equate to positive actions, both offline and online.  Positive actions lead to stronger, healthier relationships and more social media interaction, which means greater followers for you!

Corny as it may sound, that age-old cliché is true; the good you do will come back to you! Random acts of kindness might not solve all the world’s problems. But they have a contagious effect — a post of a 🙏 Praying Hands here, and 🤗 Hugging Face there — when we carry out acts of kindness, other people see them, and it sparks more kindness.

Keep on doing it, keep on being persistent, and before you know it, you’re out there changing the world.