🤐 Zipper Mouth Emoji: Requesting Silence using Emojis!

Written by: Bernice

The zipper mouth emoji is an emoji commonly used when sharing information. It’s usually appropriate to use the zipped mouth emoji in chat messages on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. But why does it have its mouth zipped? Additionally, when and why would anyone use this emoji?

Learning about the zipper mouth allows you to decipher whether or not you can share the information with others. When a friend discloses a secret to you and asks you to keep it to yourself, they usually ask you to “zip your lip”, hence this emoji’s appearance. The 🤐 Zipper Mouth Face emoji is a yellow-faced emoji with bulging eyes and a zipper on its mouth instead of a regular set of lips. This means that the person who sent you this emoji wants you to keep anything they say to yourself.

Of course, this isn’t always the case. People easily spread the secrets of others on the Internet. This causes trust issues and a lack of loyalty. We can’t blame the lack of trust either. We know how important personal information is to everyone. Unfortunately, not many people know how to express this via emojis. That’s why we went ahead and shared these zipper mouth emoji combinations for you to send to your trustworthy friends. We also took it upon ourselves to explain what the zipper mouth emoji truly means, where it originated come from, and why it’s popular. While some have a four emoji combination, there are also simple combinations with only two pairings. All that’s left is for you to decide which one is the most appropriate.


The Zipper Mouth Emoji Meaning

zipper mouth emoji

The design of the zipper mouth emoji is simple. Just like most yellow-faced emojis, it features a cartoon version of an average human’s facial expressions. Animatedly, the zipper mouth emoji is featured with big eyes and a grey zipper across its mouth, making it impossible to speak. This mimics the gesture of keeping quiet and makes it physically impossible for the emoji to speak about the topic at hand. Google’s previous emojis provide further proof of the phrase and shutting up about secrets in this emoji. This is because Google’s design of the hushing face once had a zipped mouth. Google promptly changed its design after the zipper mouth emoji was released in 2015.

So what emoji is this trying to convey exactly? Most people commonly use the zipper mouth emoji as the unofficial “shut up emoji”. Other names include the zipped mouth emoji, zip mouth smiley, and zipped lips emoji. To understand what the emoji means, we must first look at the common phrase “zip your lip”. Most people use this phrase to tell someone never to speak about this to anyone other than the person telling them. People also use this phrase to warn someone before conversing with another party that has no clue regarding withheld information.

People have also used the phrase “zip your lip” about others who seem to spread secrets easily. They describe these people as those who rarely zip their lips. Meanwhile, you can also declare that you are zipping your lips and refusing to spill information by pretending to zip your lip with your hands as well. As a result of this famous gesture and phrase, the zipper mouth emoji was born. This allows people to mimic the phrase with a simple emoji being sent.

Woman zipping her mouth shut

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Zipper Mouth Emoji Combinations

You Must Observe Silence Emoji Combination

zipper mouth emojiProhibited emojiwarning sign emoji

This emoji combination comprises the zipped mouth emoji, the 🚫 Prohibited emoji, and the ⚠️ Warning Sign emoji. Unlike the other emoji combinations listed here, this combination is strict. This is because of the presence of the warning sign and the prohibited sign. Both emojis are international symbols of warning others throughout the world. The prohibited sign emoji describes authorized access. By adding the zipped mouth emoji, this describes that you may only speak when it is absolutely necessary. The warning sign emoji alerts you to be observant of your behaviors. Many locations and roads have the warning sign symbol to catch the attention of others. When using this emoji next to the zipped mouth emoji, it means that you must actively prevent yourself from making any loud noise.

Using this emoji combination is ideal for when you are in settings that require maximum focus. If you are secretly texting your friend in class, it’s ideal to send this emoji when you do not wish to talk and pay attention to the teacher. You can also use this emoji combination as a warning, sending this to your friends when someone close by might reprimand them for talking. You can also use this in locations such as the theaters, performances, libraries, and seminars where you wish to stop conversing and pay attention instead.

No Talking Emoji Combination

zipper mouth emojishh emoji, shushing face emojirelieved face emoji

Create the no-talking emoji combination by combining the 🤫 Shushing Face emoji, the 😌 Relieved Face emoji, and the zipped mouth emoji. You use this combination in places that require absolute silence and attention to one’s own surroundings. By using this emoji combination, you’re strongly advising silence before entering a conversation or a location. However, unlike the silence is observed emoji combination, the no talking emoji combination is only requested.

The reason for this is because of the shushing emoji, which describes a person warning you to lower your voice. At the same time, the zipped mouth emoji is telling you to keep your mouth closed unless absolutely necessary. Adding to the duo is the relieved face emoji, which allows the receiver to understand there is no anger in this warning. A relieved face emoji is usually used to describe a relaxed person. As a result, the two emojis that describe wanting silence and the relaxed face emoji imply a calm atmosphere.

You can use this emoji in locations such as being in spas, meditation rooms, prayer rooms, churches, galleries, and wellness centers. This is because these locations are made for private reflection while still allowing people to converse in lowered volumes.

My Lips are Sealed Emoji Combination

zipper mouth emojitea emoji, Teacup Without Handle Emojidevil emoji, smiling face with horns emoji

The lips are sealed emoji combination comprises the 🍵 Teacup emoji, the zipped mouth emoji, and the 😈 Smiling Face with Horns emoji. This combination implies a dirty secret that no one else must know but you. Gossiping is a common practice for many people. We usually gossip about celebrities or common acquaintances. While it is bad practice to talk about other people behind their back, it has also become a common form of bonding. When someone is begging to learn more about a specific dirty secret, they would ask you for the tea. By tea, they mean the information about the situation they want to know about.

Tea has become a symbol of gossiping. This is because of the term “spill the tea” which is a phrase associated with speaking about juicy gossip. When you do not wish to share any information, the zipper mouth emoji will help you. However, adding the smiling face with horns describes another expression. This describes that the secret is devious and enough to cause negative consequences similar to sabotage.

If you plan on using this emoji combination, you should be aware that this means you know the consequences of your actions. The smiling face with horns implies that you are damaging another person’s reputation by speaking about this on purpose. Meanwhile, the tea emoji entices the recipient to actively listen to your story. The zipped mouth emoji also warns the recipient not to speak about this to anyone else.

It’s a Secret! Emoji Combination

zipper mouth emojiProhibited emojishh emoji, shushing face emoji

This combination is composed of the zipped mouth emoji, the shushing face emoji, and the prohibited emoji. This describes a refusal to tell your secrets or what you know to a person insisting to know. However, it can also describe you telling someone trustworthy a secret you know they won’t spill to others. This is because of the shushing emoji and the prohibited sign emoji. We know both emojis as international symbols respectively. The shushing emoji has a finger raised to its lips. This gesture is known to shush someone into listening to the other party. Meanwhile, the prohibited sign emoji does not allow you permission. If you combine the two with the zipped mouth emoji, this describes two scenarios.

The first one is that you will absolutely not tell them anything. No matter how much begging the person does, you are refusing to speak about what they wish to learn more about. Sending this emoji combination also hints to them that you have been strictly told not to tell anyone else. The second one is that you do tell them but are instructing them not to tell anyone else.

Classified Information Emoji Combination

zipper mouth emojiSkull emojiProhibited emoji

The zipper mouth emoji, the prohibited emoji, and the 💀 Skull emoji make the classified information emoji. This means that it’s deadly information that could get you into trouble if it gets out. Things such as politics, marriages, and friendships could be destroyed if you mishandle the information being said to you.

The reason for this can be explained through each emoji. The skull emoji represents deadly or dangerous stunts. If you use the skull emoji with the zipped mouth emoji, this describes dangerous information you were entrusted by others not to speak about. This is because you potentially hold the key to ruining something valuable or a plan at hand. Information regarding cheating spouses, corruption, and gossip that becomes liable proof is also accepted under this combination.

You can use this emoji combination as well when speaking about embarrassing secrets thanks to the presence of the prohibited emoji and the skull emoji. It means that you could “die of embarrassment” if word gets out about something you have entrusted to someone else. You also add the zipped mouth emoji, describing the necessity for silence about the topic. The following emojis are the results of what could happen if the secret comes out.



We hope you enjoyed learning all about the zipper mouth emoji and its various combinations. Everyone has their own reasons for wanting another person to shut up. We know it’s better if you can zip your lip to keep your secrets under lock and key. While you can’t physically stop others or yourselves from accidentally spilling secrets, but being mindful of your actions can save relationships. Thankfully, there are many ways to tell someone to quiet down or keep a secret. That’s why having all the information on the ways how will help you express your intentions better. Whether you’re trying to hush down some folks respectfully or prefer to be rude and demanding about the silence you wish to have.

Finger over lips gesturing silence

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Regardless of your intentions, we can assure you that the zipper mouth face emoji will allow you to stand your ground. Don’t forget that there are more than just a few emoji combinations that you can try out with the zipper mouth emoji. Additionally, there are more waiting emoji combinations aside from the ones listed above for you to look up and learn.